Minimally Invasive Cell-Based Therapy for Symptomatic Bone Marrow Lesions of the Knee: A Prospective Clinical Study at 1 Year

Ignacio Dallo, Riccardo D’Ambrosi, Dawid Szwedowski, Ali Mobasheri, Alberto Gobbi.

Stem Cells and Development 2022 31:15-16488-497 | doi: 10.1089/scd.2021.0283


Bone marrow lesions (BMLs) are typical findings in magnetic resonance imaging present in different pathologies, such as spontaneous insufficiency fractures, osteonecrosis, transient BML syndromes, osteoarthritis, and trauma. The etiology and evolution of BMLs in multiple conditions remain unclear. There is still no gold standard protocol for the treatment of symptomatic BMLs in the knee. The biologic augmentation by Osteo Core Plasty™ is a new treatment modality showing promising results reducing pain with the aim to stop the progression of the disease. The purpose of this prospective study is to report the clinical outcomes and safety of Osteo Core Plasty for the treatment of symptomatic BMLs in the knee. Fifteen patients with symptomatic BMLs of the knee treated with the Osteo Core Plasty technique were included and followed prospectively for a minimum of 12 months. Each patient was evaluated before the surgery and respectively at 6 and 12 months using the Tegner Score, Marx Score, the International Knee Documentation Committee, the Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score divided in pain, activity daily living and quality of life subscale, and the Visual Analog Scale for pain. All clinical scores except Tegner and Marx score showed an overall statistically significant improvement through the entire follow-up (P < 0.05) and a significant improvement (P < 0.05) between each follow-up period (T0 vs. T1; T0 vs. T2; T1 vs. T2). No complications were reported. These preliminary results confirm that biological subchondral bone augmentation by Osteo Core Plasty technique is a safe and effective minimally invasive treatment option for symptomatic BMLs in the knee at 1-year follow-up. There is still a need for high-quality randomized controlled trials studies and systematic reviews in the future to enhance further treatment strategies in preventing or treating BMLs of the knee.


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