Providing market access for Innovators and Innovations

We’ve been active in the emerging regenerative medicine sector for a number of decades, supporting our clients in the development of novel therapeutic options and medical device systems. We have developed, represented and positioned a number of products from disposable delivery devices for use during surgery, to point of care systems that enable in vivo treatment in the private practice.

We are accustomed to working with early-stage companies with technologies and treatments in the regenerative medicine field.  Our approach to understanding the target users and underlying technology means that we can deliver tangible solutions that meet commercial and usability requirements, or proof-of-principle concepts that enable testing and trials.

We provide customized options derived together with our partners,
based on their vision to position innovative technologies in the market place.

Start-up Organizations

looking to expand classic distribution channels

Smaller Organizations

looking to create their own “Foot Print” with a Joint Venture

Mid-Size Organizations

with established market pathway looking to found a subsidiary

What can you expect from the Aspire Team?

  • Deep Insight

    … into emerging regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies, including the competitive landscape, technology challenges and regulatory environment

  • Expertise

    … in market positioning to ensure appropriate representation is attained

  • A creative project team

    … with extensive marketing experience of developing medical devices to support emerging therapies including

    Therapeutic medical devices

    Scaffold delivery

    „Point of Care“ processing

    Bioprocessing systems

    Monitoring devices

  • Attention to Detail

    … as you would expect from a business accustomed to work within regulatory frameworks such as FDA, GMP, Medicinal Products Directive and Medical Device Directive

  • Comprehensive Project Planning

    … covering the development of your device

  • An Understanding

    … of the challenges facing this sector in delivering cost effective therapies and hence to achieving successful and sustainable business models

We aspire to strong values and clear goals,
we espouse professional management,
build trust and do business soundly and solidly.