Scarpone/Kuebler: Impact of Volume on Related Cell Counts

Scarpone & Kuebler investigate the impact of reduced bone marrow aspiration volumes per location in the marrow space on cell concentration levels.

Isolation of clinically relevant concentrations of BM MSCs without centrifugation

Determination of differences in cellular components obtained using Marrow Cellution and centrifuge BMAC systems.
Scarpone et al. J Transl Med (2019) 17:10 |

Williams: Autograft Bone use in Interbody Fusion (case report)

Case report of an interbody fusion with the use of Marrow Cellution autograft bone.

Gleimer: Autograft Bone use in Challenging Fusion (2 case reports)

Gleimer reports two challenging fusion cases using Marrow Cellution bone autograft

Neufeld: Fusion of the Metatarsal Phalangeal Joint with BMA & Bone Autograft (case report)

Neufeld reports a fusion procedure at an end-stage 1st MTP joint arthritis patient.

Henderson, Colberg: Pure bone marrow aspirate injection for chronic GTPS (Case Report)

Henderson/Colber report a case with pure autologous BMA injection for chronic GTPS

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