CERVOS Medical

Procedure driven medical device company focused on innovative solutions to improve natural healing.

CERVOS Medical’s best-in-class autologous and synthetic orthobiologic products mimic and promote vasculogenesis, the body’s natural reparative mechanism. CERVOS has developed minimally invasive, highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including growing bone, preserving joints, and managing chronic pain.

Endocellutions LLC.

Endocellutions operates at the interface of devices and biologics, developing innovative solutions to enable regenerative medicine.

Endocellutions’ mission is to enable the regeneration of damaged tissue by providing robust, easy-to-use medical devices for accessing, processing, and delivering autologous, minimally manipulated tissues at point-of-care.

Innovative Europe ApS

Innovative Office Products, LLC

For nearly 30 years, Innovative has been a leader in designing and manufacturing ergonomic, space-saving monitor arms and mounts for flat panel monitors, notebooks, and tablets.

Innovative leads the way in producing ergonomic, space-saving products for professionals through insightful design and responsive manufacturing capabilities. As a business, Innovative’s primary goal is to design and produce effective ergonomic solutions for all markets.

LivImplant GmbH

LivImplant provides novel delivery and containment methods for localized therapies.

Patented thermo-reversible hydrogel (liquid at room temperature / solid at body temperature) carrier provides a minimally-invasive, local delivery and containment of pharmacologic, biologic, or other molecule based materials providing sustained release kinetics.

logo Ranfac Corp.

Ranfac Corp.

America’s Single-Source Medical Device Manufacturing Facility

Innovative healthcare professionals and medical device companies rely upon Ranfac for its expertise, technology, and ability to bring to market single-use medical devices for a wide range of medical specialties.

REV-MED International

REV-MED International

Regenerative Medicine Solutions

REV-MED’s TriCell System is designed to separate autologous peripheral blood or bone marrow into its essential elements.  The TriCell triple chamber technology allows for accurate customized control over the biologic. The physician can specify and control the final concentration and cellular constellation to meet the therapeutic demand.

Regenerative Medicine Training Institute

Autologous Stem Cell and PRP Hands-On Training Courses, Premier Faculty

The Regenerative Medicine Training Institute offers peer to peer courses in a comfortable setting offering classrooms, procedure rooms, a lounge, and lab space. RMTI is committed to providing quality hands-on training you won’t receive anywhere else. The cutting-edge technology, accompanied by an expert teaching staff, is the premier choice to earn CME credits or advance your biologics knowledge and capabilities.