Podcast & Reading | February 2023

  • Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain

    Podcast with Dr. Gregory E. Lutz

When you live with back pain, you live with equally unbearable side effects, anxiety, depression, fatigue, feeling hopeless. You’re fighting a daily battle, impossible to articulate and difficult to see.

The list of remedies has been short, unappealing, and ineffective. So you’ve accepted pain. You’ve settled for it because you’ve had to. But you don’t have to anymore.

Hussein Al-Baiaty interviews Dr. Gregory Lutz, who talks about his dedication to finding a healing method that truly works.

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A Great Read

for non-clinicians, or healthcare professionals who really don’t deal with the complexities of non-surgical spine care on a regular basis.

Heal Your Disc, End Your Pain:

How Regenerative Medicine Can Save Your Spine

Dr. Gregory E. Lutz, MD

Dr. Gregory Lutz began his medical career determined to find better solutions for patients suffering from degenerative disc disease. His pursuit led him to the discovery of a simple root cause regenerative treatment that can provide life-changing relief for many patients. Now, Dr. Lutz shares his method for safely treating patients with chronic low back pain without drugs or surgery. By the use of a specialized concentration of your own cells, Dr. Lutz helps painful tears inside your disc heal. This book is a companion in your journey to better health through natural treatment. You’ll learn why past options didn’t work, and how a one-time remedy can give you long-term results. Take the first step toward a different life and a better you with an option you never knew you had.” (amazon.com)

Review from Dr. John Knab on Amazon.com:

A GREAT read for anyone suffering with acute or chronic low back pain.

In my opinion, this book is the science-based, sensible, actionable, 2023 version of John Sarno’s “Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection”. The mind-body connection is 100% part of the puzzle, and I’m in no way dismissing that concept. But for me, Sarno’s book always had a missing chapter at the end. I reread it a number of times, after finishing it I was always like OK, but what’s next? What do I “do”??

ID LR-PRP is what.

As a fellowship trained non-surgical spinal interventionalist, I’ve been treating discs and spines for over 25 years. Dr. Lutz has an important message here, and its finally available to the general public. Although I’ve been following his work for the past 8 years, I am a nerd and think about the spine 24/7. Most normal people don’t want to read hundreds of scientific articles. Now, with this book they don’t have to!

As both a physician treating spine pain and a patient suffering with spine pain, I get it. It sucks. As Dr. Lutz points out — it doesn’t have to. If we are able to IDENTIFY and TREAT the specific type of pain discussed in this book, we can change lives dramatically and sometimes permanently.

Long before this book was published, our practice converted from intradiscal “stem cells” to intradiscal high dose LR-PRP. Mostly because of Dr. Lutz’s scientific publications, but also as a result of years of collaboration and discussions with other experts in the field, with whom I communicate on the regular. “Above all do no harm” is an oath we take when we first become doctors. LR-PRP in the spine helps us to fulfill that oath.

If you are a “good patient” you will read this book and ask your physician about it. You will do your homework and find a qualified, experienced spinal interventionalist, and determine whether ID LR-PRP can help you. Maybe yes, maybe no. As Dr. Lutz describes in his book, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure. Does that mean there’s no hope for you???? No!!

As part of your duty as a patient, you will also come to find that there are other great ways PRP can be used in the spine, even when your discs are — like mine—kaput! There is actually an entire school of thought that is widely accepted that teaches us to inject everywhere in the spine EXCEPT this disc….(I know , mind blown…)

Buy this book. Read this book. Tell your friends and family to read it. It’s very important stuff. Do your homework. If possible ——> Don’t go straight to surgery! Try this first. And if you’re not a candidate for intradiscal PRP, don’t give up! Come find me, or go find someone like me!”