The Use of Injectable Orthobiologics for Knee Osteoarthritis: a formal ESSKA consensus

Part 1: Blood-derived Products (PRP)

Chairpersons: Laura de Girolamo, Lior Laver

The field of Orthobiologics has emerged in recent years as a result of the growing interest in biologic approaches for tissue healing for a variety of pathologies affecting bone, cartilage, tendons/ligaments and muscles, both as conservative injection treatment and in combination with surgical procedures.

The results of these treatments are inconclusive because of the lack of unanimous opinion by professionals in terms of patients’ indications, administration protocols and even more in the choice of the available options/devices.

The ESSKA ORthoBiologics InitiaTive (ORBIT) aimed to generate and assemble a pan-European/International collaboration to create a common language and a uniform voice in the field of orthobiologics.

The “ESSKA ORBIT Consensus” summary and complete report are available on the ESSKA projects website: