Packaging update for Marrow Cellution

Transition to MDR and Reduction of Carbon Footprint

Ranfac Corp. and Aspire Medical Innovation GmbH continue to identify steps to reduce its carbon footprint, minimize inventory SKU, reduce waste and streamline its product portfolio.

As Marrow Cellution utilization continues to grow exponentially, we are taking serious steps to consolidate various versions of the Marrow Cellution kit configurations.  Effective January 1, 2022, we will be introducing a Marrow Cellution universal kit packaging configuration for the MC-RAN-11C and the MC-RAN-8C.

In order to reduce plastic packaging while maintaining regulatory compliance, we will be moving to a kit configuration that is single pouched.  This will permit us to have a single global SKU internationally recognized product offering.

The Marrow Cellution will continue to be packed in a tamper evident outer box.  The internal kit will be packed in one single pouch to be opened aseptically outside of the sterile field so that the internal plastic tray can be retrieved by sterile field operator.