Autologous Bone Marrow Aspiration use in an Ankle Fusion

Steven K Neufeld

Case Report | White Paper

In this recently released case report Dr. Neufeld reports on his experience with the MARROW CELLUTION™ MC-RAN-8C System in the treatment of arthritis.

Dr. Neufeld from the Centers for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO) in Falls Church, Virginia/USA performed an arthroscopic ankle fusion at a 55-year-old high-risk patient with symptomatic arthritis.

A successful outcome was facilitated with the use of autogenic bone marrow aspirate and cancellous iliac crest bone autograft. No morbidities at the donor site or complications at the fusion site were reported.

Read the complete report: Neufeld SK. Marrow Cellution: Autologous Bone Marrow Aspiration use in an Ankle Fusion. June 2018


The Marrow Cellution™ System is designed to minimize and eliminate the restrictive limitations associated with “point of care” processing systems which employ inefficient traditional aspiration trocar technology and are regulated as drugs “Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products (ATMP)”.  Marrow Cellution™ is a minimally invasive bone/cell enriched autograft access and retrieval system, which does not require additional manipulation or processing, it never leaves the sterile field and provides rich autograft without associated morbidity.

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