ASPIRE Medical is proud to introduce our new partner and the latest advancement in Marrow & Graft Collection with a full range of specifically designed instruments and sets to meet specific demand of numerous surgical indications.

CERVOS MEDICAL has designed a series of patented and patent pending marrow aspiration devices that have been documented to increase cellular yield and autologous graft.

CERVOS has now expanded the product portfolio to include a full line of drill enabled Bone Marrow Aspiration Devices, Autologous Bone Graft Collection, Graft Delivery Kits, Special Access Instruments for Avascular Necrosis.

Powered by Marrow Cellution™ patented technology to harvest bone marrow from multiple geographies while eliminating peripheral blood dilution, CERVOS Bone Marrow Aspirate Devices eliminate the need for centrifugation.

The specially designed CERVOS instruments reach out to a broad variety of surgical specialties, ranging from AVN to Osteo-Core-Plasty procedures.

Drill Enabled Marrow Access Range

Please also take the opportunity view the CERVOS Master Class webinar on Advancements in Joint Preservation: A Novel Alternative to Traditional Arthroplasty which took place on March 16, 2021.