Bone Marrow Aspirate Matrix: A Convenient Ally in Regenerative Medicine

José Fábio Lana, Lucas Furtado da Fonseca, Gabriel Azzini, Gabriel Santos, Marcelo Braga, Alvaro Motta Cardoso Junior, William D. Murrell, Alberto Gobbi, Joseph Purita and Marco Antonio Percope de Andrade

Lana JF, et al. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021; 22(5):2762. | doi: 10.3390/ijms22052762

The rise in musculoskeletal disorders has prompted medical experts to devise novel effective alternatives to treat complicated orthopedic conditions. The ever-expanding field of regenerative medicine has allowed researchers to appreciate the therapeutic value of bone marrow-derived biological products, such as the bone marrow aspirate (BMA) clot, a potent orthobiologic which has often been dismissed and regarded as a technical complication.

Numerous in vitro and in vivo studies have contributed to the expansion of medical knowledge, revealing optimistic results concerning the application of autologous bone marrow towards various impactful disorders. The bone marrow accommodates a diverse family of cell populations and a rich secretome; therefore, autologous BMA-derived products such as the “BMA Matrix”, may represent a safe and viable approach, able to reduce the costs and some drawbacks linked to the expansion of bone marrow. BMA provides—it eliminates many hurdles associated with its preparation, especially in regards to regulatory compliance.

The BMA Matrix represents a suitable alternative, indicated for the enhancement of tissue repair mechanisms by modulating inflammation and acting as a natural biological scaffold as well as a reservoir of cytokines and growth factors that support cell activity. Although promising, more clinical studies are warranted in order to further clarify the efficacy of this strategy.


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