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Introducing CERVOS Medical's PRP System

Venue: Webinar

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CERVOS Medical & ASPIRE Medical are thrilled to announce another exciting autologous biologic workshop on August 18th at 19:00 EST.

PRP has become a first option for patients and clinicians to repair damaged muscular skeletal tissue before resorting to more invasive procedures. Protocols for all commercial point of care systems are derived from blood banking protocols used in transfusion medicine. Understanding those protocols and the physics of blood separation can be used to understand which systems work best and why the new CERVOS system represents a new standard.



In addition to PRP, CERVOS Medical has a new proprietary line of best in class BMA Systems, Adipose Grafting, Synthetic Bone Graft, Drill Enabled Bone Aspiration, Access and Autograft Harvesting.

Note: CERVOS PRP is FDA 510K Cleared (BK200543). We are working diligently to get the CE Mark as soon as possible.


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